EOLIC ENERGY – Offshore floating plataform – solution at any water deepth

The  actual  OFFSHORE EÓLIC solution to produce  electric energy , hydrogen and potable water , in any water depth is using Offshore floating plataforms. The importance it’s a change in criterious about the related vocacional country where geographic factors associated with many others advantages resulted in a very high decreasing in the cost of Kh.h produced by this clean and powerfull energy.The investment and the advantages are changed radically the global results of options relatively to costs and advantages of others solutions and country and regions,…. The simpe but very subtil solutions , the INOVATION AND TECH EVOLUTION , the SEA TECH PERMISSIVITY and POLITIC ADVANGES like Energy Diversity and COUNTRY ENERGETIG INDEPENDENCE , his sustentability , etc, are made this solution “a miracle” for the refered VOCACIONAL COUNTRY , with very deepth water and large sea coast áreas and little áreas inside the country. It’s all . I invite you to see H-BLUE videos , maps of several country like Italy ,Portugal, Spain, U.K. ,SHANGHAI large rivers ,etc,…to see his power energertic recours , and the conclusion is evident FOR THIS VOCACIONAL COUNTRY and others like China in Shanghai for example .It’s easy to find many others advantages  ….   It’s for you to dream  around this theme to see many others subtil but great advantages and OTHRES APPLICATIONS ,like offshore BEATIFULL …!!!….HOTELS and other sea activities,…                                                  How was possible in three or four years to change the possibilities of this energy of maxim 30 depth water to aproximate  800 meters deepth water  ?  the answer is in recent American interest  and the use of SIMILITUDE with petrolific plataforms , to solve all problems of EÓLIC ENERGYand many others applications with.                                                                  Enjoy Offshore floating plataform videos, specialy AMERICAN H-BLUE,…  hile dreaming you see many applications,and others many SEA CAPACITIES…and never forget CNN’ Spark team , years and many years ago ,working in Tech INNOVATION  with the main goal – EVOLUTION.

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